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Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring (Active WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Benjamin Kaduk | 2013-Jul-12 —  

IETF-108 sacm minutes

Session 2020-07-27 1100-1240: Room 4 - Audio stream - sacm chatroom


minutes-108-sacm-00 minutes

          Working group status:
          These documents have progressed to the last call.  Some IPR declarations
          still need to be sent.
          ROLIE Checklist Configuration
          Work has been done on this draft as a non-working group document.  The
          authors are close to being ready for working group adoption.  They believe
          the document has ready.
          Had some support in the "room" - taking call to the list.
          SACM Architecture
          Updates made a while ago.  Have yet to receive any feedback.  This is a
          working group document, is the working group still committed to
          this document?
          Chairs put some possiblities on the table of closing the WG or pausing the
          WG for possibly a year.
          Reasons were discussed and other venues where related work is occuring
          and OCA).  Attestation work is taking time as well.
          Would like more vendors to engage.
          Hum for should the WG continue for 6 months to engage in Architecture
          document review.  PIANO straight down the middle.
          Volunteers to review the Architecture draft in AUGUST:
          Kathleen Moriarty
          Ira McDonald
          Henk Birkholz
          Chris Inacio
          Chair TODOs:
          Virtual Interim:  Mid-Sept week of 7th or 14th
          Call for adoption to the list for ROLIE extension

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