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Interface to Network Security Functions (Active WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Paul Wouters | 2015-Sep-18 —  

IETF-114 i2nsf agenda


          Interface to Network Service Functions (I2NSF) Working Group
          IETF-114, Philadelphia
          Thursday July 26, 2022
          13.30 - 14.30(one hour)
          Room: Independence C
            Linda Dunbar      dunbar.ll@gmail.com
            Yoav Nir          ynir.ietf@gmail.com
            Roman Danliw      rdd@cert.org
          Administrivia - Chairs - 5 minutes
           - Working Group status and progress on milestones
          --- Draft discussion 25 minutes ---
           - Report of WGLC of Consumer-Facing Interface and Registration Interface YANG Data Models: Jaehoon Paul Jeong (5 min)
           - Design and Implementation of Security Policy Translator for I2NSF: Jeonghyeon Joshua Kim (10 min)
          - I2NSF Application Interface for Closed-Loop-Based Security Management: Patrick Lingga (10 min)
          - Interface to IPsec for BGP over IPsec (i.e. YANG data models) (10 min): Sue Hares
          --- Recharter discussion 20 minutes ---
          - Discussion and Finalization of I2NSF WG Re-chartering: Jaehoon Paul Jeong (20~30 min)
          - Proponents: Diego Lopez (Telefonica), Penglin Yang (China Mobile), Panwei (Huawei), Paul Jeong Jaehoon, Henk Birkholz
          - Focus: is there energy to continue the work?

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