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Extensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery (Active WG)
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IETF-106 dnssd minutes

Session 2019-11-18 1330-1530: VIP A - Audio stream - dnssd chatroom
Session 2019-11-18 1810-1910: VIP A - Audio stream - dnssd chatroom


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          IETF 106 DNSSD Minutes
          * Singapore
          * 2019-11-18 14:30-15:00 (Monday Afternoon session I)
          * 2019-11-18 18:10-19:10 (Monday Afternoon session III, dnssd topics
          * Meeting Room: VIP A
          Chairs: David Schinazi, Barbara Stark
          AD: Éric Vyncke
          Jabber: Tim Wattenberg
          Notes: Mal Hubert, Barbara Stark, Tim Wattenberg
          ============== Agenda ==============
          - Administrivia and Status Update: Chairs
            * Blue Sheets
          - Service Registration and roadmap (Stuart Cheshire)
            * draft-ietf-dnssd-srp
          - Discovery Relay (Stuart Cheshire)
            * draft-ietf-dnssd-mdns-relay
          - Rechartering discussions (led by chairs)
          # Administrivia and Status Update
          Chairs presented dnssd Chair slides
          Notetaker and jabber scribe identified. No-one bashed the agenda.
          # Service Registration, roadmap, discovery relay
          Stuart Cheshire presented slides
          ## Re: draft-ietf-dnssd-srp
          Service Registration Protocol (SRP)  - Thread Group Mesh Networking for
          low power wireless nets.
          Stuart was in Switzerland on a meeting of the Thread Group to introduce
          Ted Lemon (remote): Regarding SRP: Work has been done over the last
          months, some updates needed but getting mature.
          New version of the spec possibly before next IETF. Asks for
          ## Re: draft-cheshire-dnssd-roadmap
          Stuart welcomes contributions from the group. If anyone would like to
          be a co-author of the roadmap document, please contact him. Co-author
          would be much appreciated.
          Daniel Migault: Thank you, good draft; looking forward to next version.
          Ted: Started to make comment but thought the comment would be better
          for homenet session. Never mind.
          ## Re: draft-ietf-dnssd-mdns-relay
          Stuart : Not a "Ted and Stuart"-show, please feel free to contribute!
          ## Re: draft-ietf-dnssd-push
          Stuart: Is ready to be published. So minor IPR issues which should be
          solved by Apple (legal).
          No questions
          # Rechartering discussion
          Daniel: If recharter, why not merge with homenet?
          David: We wouldn't "take over" homenet.
          Daniel: Right, probably rechartering not needed.
          Ted: There is quite some work left.
          Ray Hunter: What we need is running code.
          Tim W: I agree. We need multiple implementations. Also, the current
          charter is focused on reducing multicast traffic. But there is still
          a need for service discovery in areas where other transport mechanisms
          may be needed/wanted (Thread, LoRa, etc).
          Stuart: Maybe we could make a plan for the next hackathon for concrete
          list of things to work on.
          David: Stuart, will you create a starter list for the next hackathon?
          Stuart: Yes.
          Privacy related issues will be discussed in the second session later on
          // End of Session 1
          ============== Agenda Session 2 ==============
          - Administrivia (Chairs)
          - Privacy topics/drafts (Christian Huitema)
          - Conclusion (Chairs)
          Still note well.
          Christian Huitema presented:
          David: Who has read this draft?  Could you who have read it say something
          about your thoughts on the draft?
          Tim W: Will send to the list.
          David: Let's extend WGLC to end of next week.
          David: Anything else?
          Daniel Migault: I have a comment regarding scenario 1. You can see IP
          connected to printer.
          Christian: We know the printer is a printer -- that's not a secret. What
          you don't want to disclose is who is using the printer. No MAC address
          or hostname.
          David: We're ready to adjourn. We  hope to see you in Vancouver. Please
          read the draft and send email. Even if your email says this is
          find. Please say so.

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