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     Resource ReserVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE)
          Extension for Additional Signal Types in G.709 OTN

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Internet-Draft draft-ietf-ccamp-additional-signal-type-g709v3-

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[RFC4328] and [RFC7139] provide the extensions to Generalized
Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) signaling to control the
full set of OTN features including ODU0, ODU1, ODU2, ODU3, ODU4,
ODU2e and ODUflex. However, these specifications do not cover the
additional signal types ODU1e, ODU3e1, and ODU3e2 mentioned in
[G.Sup43]. This draft provides GMPLS signaling extensions for these
additional signal types.

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Table of Contents

   1. Introduction 2
   2. RSVP-TE extension for Additional Signal Types 3
   3. Security Considerations 3
   4. IANA Considerations 3
   5. Acknowledgments 3
   6. References 3
     6.1. Normative References 3
     6.2. Informative References 4

1. Introduction

   [RFC7139] updates the ODU-related portions of [RFC4328] to
   provide Resource ReserVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-
   TE) extensions to support control for [G.709-v3]. However, it
   does not cover additional signal types mentioned in [G.Sup43]
   (ODU1e, ODU3e1, and ODU3e2). This draft provides GMPLS signaling
   extension to support these additional signal types mentioned in

Internet-Draft draft-ietf-ccamp-additional-signal-type-g709v3-

2. RSVP-TE extension for Additional Signal Types

   [RFC7139] defines the format of Traffic Parameters in OTN-TDM
   SENDER_TSPEC and OTN-TDM FLOWSPEC objects. These traffic
   parameters have a signal type field. This document defines the
   signal type for ODU1e, ODU3e1 and ODU3e2 as defined in the IANA
   considerations section.

3. Security Considerations

   This document does not introduce any additional security issues
   above those identified in [RFC7139].

4. IANA Considerations

   This document defines signal type for ODU1e, ODU3e1 and ODU3e2,
   as follows:
             Value     Type
             -----     ----
               TBD      ODU1e  (10Gbps Ethernet [GSUP.43])
               TBD      ODU3e1 (40Gbps Ethernet [GSUP.43])
               TBD      ODU3e2 (40Gbps Ethernet [GSUP.43])

   These signaled types are carried in Traffic Parameters in OTN-

5. Acknowledgments

   The authors would like to thank Lou Berger, Adrian Farrel and
   Sudip Shukla for comments.

6. References

6.1. Normative References

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             Requirement Levels", BCP 14, RFC 2119, March 1997.

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   [RFC7139] Zhang, F., Ed., Zhang, G., Belotti, S., Ceccarelli,
             D., and K. Pithewan, "GMPLS Signaling Extensions for
             Control of Evolving G.709 Optical Transport Networks",
             RFC 7139, March 2014.

Internet-Draft draft-ietf-ccamp-additional-signal-type-g709v3-

   [RFC7139] F.Zhang, G.Zhang, S.Belotti, D.Ceccarelli, K.Pithewan,
             "Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)
             Signaling Extensions for the evolving G.709 Optical
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             signaling-g709v3, work in progress.

6.2. Informative References

   [G.709-v3] ITU-T, "Interface for the Optical Transport Network
             (OTN)", G.709/Y.1331 Recommendation, February, 2012.

   [GSUP.43] ITU-T, "Proposed revision of G.sup43 (for agreement)",
             February, 2011.

Authors' Addresses

   Zafar Ali
   Cisco Systems

   Antonello Bonfanti
   Cisco Systems

   Matt Hartley
   Cisco Systems

   Fatai Zhang
   Huawei Technologies