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Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance (Active WG)
Art Area: Barry Leiba, Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov | 2011-Jan-26 —  

IETF-105 avtcore minutes

Session 2019-07-23 1710-1810: Van Horne - avtcore chatroom


minutes-105-avtcore-00 minutes

          Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance (avtcore) Working Group
          CHAIRS:  Jonathan Lennox
                   Rachel Huang
          Note Taker: James Gruessing
          Jabber Scribe: Magnus Westerlund
          Tuesday,  23 July at 17:10 - 18:10
          1. Note Well, Note Takers, Agenda Bashing - (Chairs, 17:10, 10 min)
             Status of working group drafts:
                      [RFC Editor Queue: MISSREF]
          1. draft-ietf-avtcore-multiplex-guidelines-08 [AD follow-up]
          Magnus: Not quite done, would like others to look at questions on the
          mailing list
          Colin: I looked at the questions on the mailing list, and don't have
          anything to add.
          Magnus: So... it's over to the AD.
          2. draft-ietf-avtext-framemarking-09 [WGLC]
          Jonathan: I had asked the author to answer some of the outstanding
          which they did not. So, I spoke to the author, and he said he would
          respond to it.
          Mo: We have some edits to make, a lot of comments need clarifying and
          Jonathan: When do expect it to be done by?
          Mo: Hopefully by the end of this week
          Jonathan: There's been no technical changes?
          No: No, there won't been no technical changes.
          Bernard: Which scalability modes this is compatible with?
          Mo: Do you mean the restrictition of temporally nested several layers?
          Bernard: There are some scalability issues with the AV1 codec
          Mo: AV1 don't appear to be submitting a payload draft, nor use the
          framemarking draft
          Bernard: The question about enabling frame marking in AV1 has come up
          Roni: I heard there will be no RTP payload for AV1
          Jonathan: It's complicated...
          Mo: Nobody has been working on a public draft in the IETF for AV1
          Bernard: The same question arised for VP9, even if AV1 is out of scope
          the question remains
          Jonathan: Most payloads already support non-temporal nested layers. This
          draft says "if you're encoding in a way that is not compatible with this
          spec, don't put frame markings on this".
          Mo: In order to be able to understand what is coming in the streams,
          you have to have a full dependency tree of all prior frames up until
          the last I frame, which is unreasonable to signal
          Jonathan: Framemarking just needs to say that it is not capable of
          expressing every scalability mode that codecs support, if you are encoding
          a mode that isn't supported, you must not put framemarking on it
          Mo: I think the question from Bernard is "is that okay? Is that too much
          of a constraint?"
          Bernard: No, I'm asking for clarification over what supported modes are
          3. RMCAT CC Feedback (Colin Perkins, 17:20, 20 min)
          Colin: We received lots of feedback at Prague, and submitted a -04,
          where nothing in the packet has changed
          Colin: We added clarification that if FEC and retransmission has been
          negotiated, then congestion control feedback is sent for those packets
          Colin: We clarified when you're using the SDP bundle extension, the
          feedback signalling matches the RTCP FP attributes
          Colin: Long discussion if SDP offer provides several different weighting
          options, and where possible the receiver should pick its preferred and
          use it consistently
          Colin: In terms of RTCP, nothing changed but we put in some
          clarifications, if you configure your bandwidth fraction weirdly, you
          may have to spread your messages over multiple packets and you shouldn't
          do that.
          Roni: Is this a different behavior if don't receive other RTCP packets
          than if I don't receive any congestion control?
          Colin: This is specific guidance about congestion control
          Jonathan: If you receive ??? then you probably have a funny middle-box
          Jonathan: Do you expect to have a draft out in the summer before the
          students get back?
          Colin: Yes
          4. Status of Payload WG (Roni, 17:40, 20min)
          Roni: Since last meeting, we've had RFC 8627 which was published, thank
          you Mo
          Roni: There is a TSVCIS payload that was sent to publication in February,
          with an AD change in March
          Roni: Working Group documents includes TETRA, which was strange as it
          was submitted by ETSI in the middle of our development cycle, the author
          claims they want to proceed, but never did any update
          Roni: The JPEG-XS document has comments on the list, and authors will
          submit new revision
          Roni: The TTML, the media subtype was registered by W3C, we had a WGLC
          but no reviews.
          Jonathan: I meant to do a refresh of the VP9, but I talked to Justin
          who suggested to convert TODOs into Github issues, which is done
          Jonathan: Does anyone care about SLI?
          Stephan Wenger: I don't care anymore about SLI
          Justin: A few on vacation at the moment, aiming for before 106
          5. Next steps and open mic - (Chairs, 18:10, 10 min)
          Colin: I wanted to finish the meeting with some good news
          Colin: Steve Casner and Eve Schuler - will be awarded the IEEE award in
          2020 for technical leadership in development of internet and multimedia
          protocols, including RTP in this working group

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