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A few words on ID nits checking

The document shepherd writeup asks the shepherd if the document is ready for publication, and specifically asks whether it passed ID nits checks. This, for example, is from the Feb 2012 version of the writeup:

(11) Identify any ID nits the Document Shepherd has found in this document.
(See http://www.ietf.org/tools/idnits/ and the Internet-Drafts Checklist).
Boilerplate checks are not enough; this check needs to be thorough.

Many shepherd writeups list items that the idnits tool called out, and say that those can be fixed later. Some ADs let that go, with the assumption that they'll be corrected along with Last Call comments. There are a few problems with this approach:

  1. You're sending out a document that is not ready for publication.
  2. You're asking the community, including review teams and directorates, to give final review and consensus to a document that you know is not ready for publication.
  3. If there are no changes generated in Last Call, or if the authors overlook the nit correction, you are sending the document to the IESG in that state.

Depending upon what the errors are, the IESG may be decidedly unhappy with their being left in. Errors in references, for example, can result in a lot of grumbling and DISCUSS positions.

In general, please correct the nits before sending the document to the responsible AD. It's always perfectly acceptable, of course, to explain why something isn't really a problem -- idnits is only a tool, after all. But if what it's calling out really should be fixed, please use this opportunity to fix it. Document revisions are cheap, and people's time spent reviewing and commenting is expensive.