* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

(As IETF 90 winds down, from a discussion on the chairs' list)

1 month before IETF: Reminder of deadline for draft submission. And that on-list discussion is strongly desired to justify a spot on the agenda, so sooner is better.

1 month before IETF: Book flight, book hotel, register IETF, register social.

1 week before deadline: Reminder of deadline, call for agenda items

2 weeks before meeting: discuss with co-chair, post draft agenda

1 week before meeting: request slides. Send email to each draft-name@tools.ietf.org, reminding them:

New draft: describe your idea in just enough detail to get people to want to read the draft.

Revised draft: 1-2 slide reminder of what the draft is, followed by slides with discussion topic areas

Mature draft: 1 slide reminder of abstract, couple slides any major changes, list any open questions for discussion

3 days before meeting (repeat daily until done):

Make sure all slides are in. Pester laggards.

Call for note-takers and jabber scribes.

Make sure you're familiar with logistics for presenters: whose laptop? adapter needed? remote presenter? Meetecho?

Day 0 of meeting (or earlier): upload slides using Materials Upload tool off agenda page

Day 1 of meeting (see "3 days before". You're not done, are you?):

Slides. Pester until all slides are in.

As you bump into WG participants, ask if they'll be note taker or jabber scribe

Immediately before meeting:

Room logistics. Where are the mics? Can you put presenters where the room can hear them and they can see their slides? Are there open tickets with the secretariat or the noc that are relevant? Have you been sentenced to a room that's acoustically difficult (like the ballroom in Toronto last week?) Is there anything you can do to make it flow more smoothly?

Remote presenter logistics: feedback or a garbled presentation sucks, so whose mic should be live, volume checks, etc. need to be quick but can't be skipped

During meeting:

Note disposition of each draft, with detailed notes, because you will forget.

If your scribes are lagging, help out (I've had newbie jabber scribes get behind when "regulars" forget to identify themselves in a lively conversation....remind them-- STW)

Timekeeping: anyone who has a good technique for tracking time against schedule in real time please speak up (mine's too sequential, if I miss a mark I'm lost-- STW)

After meeting:

Blue sheets!

Retrieve your notes, video adapter, laptop power supply, etc. from the chairs' table (I lose these things regularly-- STW)

Remember how grateful you are for your scribes/notetakers, volunteer in the next WG meeting you walk into

Collect notes from note-taker, post using Materials Upload

2 Days after meeting: File expense report