* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

Sunday Tutorials

*Newcomer's Tutorial (English, Scott Bradner)

*Newcomer's Tutorial (Japanese, Tatsuya Hayashi, Yasuhiro Ohara)

*Tools for Creating Internet-Drafts (Alice Russo, et.al.)

*Overview of the Internet Area (Suresh Krishnan, Karen O'Donoghue)

*Introduction to Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) (Carsten Bormann)

*PRECIS and i18n Tutorial) (Yoshiro Yoneya)

*YANG Tutorial Slides (Carl Moberg)
*NETCONF Tutorial Slides (Carl Moberg)

WG Chairs Training
*Introduction to GitHub Slides (Richard Barnes, Martin Thomson)
*Introduction to GitHub Notes

Action Points from IETF 93

*All to catalogue all documents and web pages that contain educational material but are currently not maintained by the EDU Team. Then discuss with GEN AD

*Alexa to set up online surveys for Sunday tutorials (DONE)

*Alexa to ask the IETF 94 host if they want a local version of the newcomers slides (DONE)

*Brian to talk to Carsten Bormann and find out if CBOR tutorial would work for a “Lightning Tutorial” slot (DONE)

*Dan to talk to Benoit Claise about preparing/repeating an Intro to YANG Tutorial for IETF 94 (DONE)

*Mirjam to confirm with speakers for INT Area Overview (DONE)

*Mirjam to contact Andrew Sullivan and find out if he still wants to do the PRECIS & i18n tutorial for IETF 94 (DONE)

*Mirjam to speak to the ART ADs to identify speakers for IETF 95 (DONE; needs follow-up)

*Mirjam to talk to Lars about doing an IRTF tutorial at IETF 95 (DONE; needs follow-up)

*Scott to send IETF related videos to Edu Team (DONE)