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IETF 72 (Dublin)

Proposed BOFs (not necessarily officially approved):


Applications & RAI Joint BOF

A significant part of the Internet traffic is today generated by peer-to-peer applications used for file sharing, realtime communications and live media streaming. Contrary to client/server architectures, P2P applications access resources (e.g. files or media relays) distributed across the Internet and exchange large amounts of data in connections that they establish directly with nodes hosting such resources. In this context, addressing the Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) problem means, on the one hand, providing topology information regarding the underlying network to P2P applications and, on the other hand, enhancing P2P applications in order to use such information to select the best endpoints among those that are available for the connections they are going to establish.



Operations and Management




  • IPPM Rechartering BOF
    • Status: approved
    • Responsible AD: Lars Eggert
    • Description: IPPM is nearing the end of its chartered work, and is discussing to recharter. Because several of the proposed new work items go significantly beyond its current scope (passive measurements, SLA validation), I'm encouraging them to discuss these in a BOF rather than just within the WG.
    • Discussions: ippm@ietf.org