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IETF 70 (Vancouver)

Proposed BOFs (not necessarily officially approved):


    • Status: Interest demonstrated both within and outside IETF (calconnect), need to bash charter
    • Responsible AD: Chris Newman
    • Discussions: http://www1.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/vcarddav
    • Summary and scope: update vCard base spec to improve sync/fix bugs, work on access protocol



  • Multicast mobility (MULTIMOB) BOF
    • Status: will be discussed in MOBOPTS RG
    • Submitters: Bechet Sarikay, Suresh Krishnan
    • Responsible AD: Jari Arkko
    • Discussions: https://www1.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/multimob
    • Description: http://www-etud.iro.umontreal.ca/%7Esarikaya/multimob/
    • Summary and scope: IP multicasting technology started to be used in mobile networks. Multicast mobility (multimob) proposes to deal with the problems, inefficiencies that arise from using IP multicasting in mobile environments. The scope will be limited to the receiver mobility related issues.
  • LISP futures (LIFE) BOF
    • Status: will be discussed in RRG
    • Submitters: Dave Meyer
    • Responsible AD: Jari Arkko
    • Discussions: life@ietf.org (not up yet)
    • Description: http://www.1-4-5.net/~dmm/life.bof
    • Summary and scope: The purpose of this BOF to provide an opportunity for the community to provide feedback to the IETF regarding directions forward for LISP, LISP-CONS, and NERD.

Operations and management

The NETCONF Working Group has completed a base protocol to be used for configuration management. However, the NETCONF protocol needs a standard content layer. The specifications do not include a modeling language or accompanying rules for how to model the management information that is to be configured using NETCONF. A data modeling framework is needed which supports ongoing development of IETF and vendor-defined modules, within an integrated and seamless conceptual configuration database. This BOF proposes the YANG modeling framework as the standardized modeling framework for NETCONF. Existing languages have been analyzed and deemed insufficient.



  • Routing for Low power and Lossy Networks (RL2N) BOF
    • Status: request submitted
    • Responsible AD: Dave Ward
    • Discussions: rsn@ietf.org (active)
    • Description: http://www.employees.org/~jvasseur/
    • Summary and scope: L2Ns (e.g Sensor Networks) have very specific routing requirements that are not met by existing routing protocols that have been designed for networks with different properties and constraints. As a matter of fact, a plethora of proprietary routing protocols have been developed by various companies or ad-hoc SDOs during the past few years. L2Ns undoubtedly require an end-to-end IP-based solution thus making "Internet of Things" a reality to avoid expensive and non manageable networks.




This BoF is for considering to discuss the topic of learning and setting NAT timeout values to reduce the amount of traffic from NAT keep-alive messages for applications such as IPsec NAT traversal, SIP-Outbound, Teredo, etc. And if work is needed where it is most suitable to be performed.