* WGs marked with an * asterisk has had at least one new draft made available during the last 5 days

Timeframe IETF 84 (Vancouver)

Current schedule of "Important Dates" requires that all BOF proposal requests be submitted to Area Directors (ADs) by 17:00 PT Monday, June 18 (01:00 UTC Tuesday, February 14). The IAB and IESG will hold a joint teleconference to discuss the proposals. ADs will be expected to approve or disapprove the BOF request on that teleconferece, ensuring that the Secretariat has all of the information to put the first draft of the agenda together on or before June 28.


Data Set Identifier Interoperability (DSII)

  • Description: This BoF is not intended to form a working group at this session. The discussion will focus on how to achieve interoperability among persistent identifiers for data sets made available on the Internet. The initial use case of interest is scientific data sets produced by different research teams; other use cases might include media developed by different sources and combined into a common collection. Access policies based on identifiers, discovery, association of meta-data, and data integrity are expected to be later topics, but these will likely be covered in follow-on mailing list discussion.The BoF will review existing methods such as DOI, URN, PURL, and then discuss core requirements.
  • Responsible AD: Pete Resnick
  • BoF Chair: Beth Plale and Ted Hardie
  • Number of people expected to attend: 100
  • Length of session: 90 minutes
  • Conflicts to avoid: EAI, IRI, PAWS, PRECIS, RTCWEB, SPFBIS, WEIRDS
  • Webex: No.
  • Mail List: dsii@ietf.org
  • Status: APPROVED


RFC Format (rfcform)

  • Description: Discussion on RFC formatting. The BOF will review the current requirements, and then discuss the RFC format proposals that have been published as Internet-Drafts. It is expected that three or so proposals will be discussed.
  • Responsible AD: Russ Housley
  • BoF Chairs: Heather Flanagan
  • Number of people expected to attend: 100
  • Length of session: 1 hour
  • Conflicts to avoid (whole Areas and/or WGs): All Area meetings
  • WebEX: No
  • Meetecho: Yes; remote participants are expected
  • I-Ds: none, but expect some before -00 deadline
  • Mail list: rfc-interest@rfc-editor.org
  • Status: APPROVED


Operations and Management


Sip Traversal Required for Applications to Work (STRAW)

  • Description: This is not a BOF proposal. This is just a placeholder so that the STRAW WG-to-be (its chartering process is ongoing) can meet in Vancouver.
  • Responsible AD: Gonzalo Camarillo
  • Number of people expected to attend: 60
  • Length of session: 90 minutes
  • Conflicts to avoid: dispatch sipclf siprec soc salud clue cuss insipid rtcweb dispatch sipcore
  • Status: APPROVED




RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques (RMCAT)